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Payment APIs

Some of the earliest providers of web APIs were payment providers like Paypal and, but a new way of Payment APIs like Stripe and Braintree have emerged, making it easier for developers to accept payments within web and mobile apps.

Along with cloud computing and geo resources, I think that payment APIs are playing in critical role in the overall API economy. It is my goal to understand if this is true, and who the key players are in the payment API space, and what tools and services they are serving up to developers.

In addition to providing easier access to credit card payments and merchant accounts, this new wave of payment APIs are pushing the boundaries of what is currency, what are transactions, and what the lifeblood of the API economy will look like in the future.

It is my opinion that the payment API space will innovate, and lead developers into new territories of app monetization, eventually moving us beyond an online business culture currently obsessed with advertising.

The payment API space has industry leading approaches such as from Stripe, pioneers like Paypal, and new payment innovators like Dwolla and Square. Sicne this is where the money is at, and is such a hotbed of innovation, I want to keep a closer eye on it.

This research site is dedicated to me better understanding the payment API space and will contain all the news, analysis, building blocks, companies and tools I find through my research.


PayStand Releases Combined Bitcoin, eCheck and Credit Card API

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Payment provider PayStand has released a new payment API that allows developers to accept Bitcoin, eCheck and credit cards through a single API service. There are numerous providers who enable eCheck and credit cards, but very who are accepting Bitcoin as well. PayStrand describes their new service: "The PayStand API is providing developers the opportunity to build any type of payment experience on top of the PayStand solution, so they can be innovative and creative in their approach to payments, taking advantage of Bitcoin, eCheck and credit card options. Developers are also happy to take advantage of the lowest more.

What Should Developers Look for In a Payments API?

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Home / About Us / Blog / What Should Developers Look for In a Payments API?Developers know that payment solutions are only as good as the technology that drives them.  In the past developers have had to choose between single-channel APIs that didn’t allow for multi-channel sales capabilities or sophisticated multi-channel APIs that took a long time to integrate.  Now developers have options, as the latest generation of APIs available eliminate frustrations and equip developers with the essential features that improve the development process.In a recent article in Tech Cocktail, our own Sr. more.

Upcoming iPads Will Likely Include Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor And Apple Pay Integration

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Apple is rumored to update its iPad lineup soon, and some additional details have emerged about the tablets features.Apple is expected to introduce new models of both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini during an October event, and it looks like both tablets will include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, just like the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.Whats more, Apple appears to be planning on including some level of Apple Pay integration for iPads, according to a line of code found within the newest beta release of Apples iOS 8.1 operating system (via MacRumors).Now, this doesnt exactly mean more.

BlockCypher Releases Payment API

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BlockCypher, cloud-optimized block chain platform, has released its highly anticipated Payment API.The API offers users a quick and simple way to accept crypto currency payments.The API offers new levels of security from a number of standpoints.For starters, a unique address is created when payment is received.The API then forwards the address to and alerts users of payment and monitors the entire payment. more.

Apple Pay: The New Mobile Payments Standard?

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Its no secret that Apple is an extremely influential player in the technology space, therefore its venture into payments with Apple Pay will most definitely have implications on mobile payments at large.But, is it the bridge the industry needs to finally create a mobile payments standard?While that will take time to determine, one thing is certain: Apple Pay will help drive innovation.SecureNet is committed to a seamless experience both online and offline, and this announcement gives us a new platform to further leverage our technology. At SecureNet we place a strong focus on customers and Apple Pay will provide another gateway to help our merchants connect with them. more.