Payment APIs

Some of the earliest providers of web APIs were payment providers like Paypal and Authorize.net, but a new way of Payment APIs like Stripe and Braintree have emerged, making it easier for developers to accept payments within web and mobile apps.

Along with cloud computing and geo resources, I think that payment APIs are playing in critical role in the overall API economy. It is my goal to understand if this is true, and who the key players are in the payment API space, and what tools and services they are serving up to developers.

In addition to providing easier access to credit card payments and merchant accounts, this new wave of payment APIs are pushing the boundaries of what is currency, what are transactions, and what the lifeblood of the API economy will look like in the future.

It is my opinion that the payment API space will innovate, and lead developers into new territories of app monetization, eventually moving us beyond an online business culture currently obsessed with advertising.

The payment API space has industry leading approaches such as from Stripe, pioneers like Paypal, and new payment innovators like Dwolla and Square. Sicne this is where the money is at, and is such a hotbed of innovation, I want to keep a closer eye on it.

This research site is dedicated to me better understanding the payment API space and will contain all the news, analysis, building blocks, companies and tools I find through my research.